Fluorescent Paint / VividFx - FAQ's

What are Rosco's special effects paints called?

Rosco has two lines of special effects or ultraviolet paints. They are: Rosco's Fluorescent line and the VividFx line.

What are Rosco's UV paints made of?

Rosco's Fluorescent and VividFx lines are made of finely ground fluorescent pigments, a vinyl acrylic binder and water.

Can I thin Rosco UV paints with water?

Yes. Rosco Fluorescents and VividFx are water-based paints. They are designed to be used straight from the can for maximum UV effect; the addition of water to them will dilute the fluorescence of the paint under blacklight.

What are the differences between Rosco Fluorescents and Rosco VividFx?

Both lines are made with a vinyl acrylic binder for good adhesion and flexibility. The primary difference is the "pigment load" or amount of pigment in the can. VividFx has a higher pigment content.

Can I mix Rosco Fluorescents and Rosco VividFx with other Rosco paint lines?

Yes. The binders of all the scenic paint lines are compatible with both the UV lines. The fluorescent pigments in the UV lines are especially helpful when an artist is matching bright colors and needs some extra "pop".

Do I need to use a blacklight with the UV paints?

Yes and No. Rosco's UV paints are clean and bright under regular light giving a "dayglo" effect. Using a "blacklight" or Ultraviolet Light Fixture makes the paint fluoresce.