Colorine FAQ's

Can you use colorine on 100 Watt lamps?

NO. Colorine is meant to be used on lamps of 40 Watts or less. Low voltage lamps or smaller envelopes may cause heat problems and the Colorine may burn off. Test your lamp before you dip them all.

Can you mix Colorine to make new colors?

Yes you can! Be careful, do not use the thinner to do anything but thin the product.  The clear should be used to tint the Colorine.

I had a dark spot left on the top of my lamp. How can I avoid this?

You have two choices. The first is to make a cardboard holder for your lamp and turn it back over to dry. The excess Colorine will run down the lamp to the brass base where it will not be seen. Be careful that you do not screw the lamp into a base. If you do, the Colorine will dry and the base will be stuck to the lamp. There is nothing you can do to save your lamp if this happens.

Your other option is to wick the excess Colorine off with a paper towel as it dries. This is a baby-sitting process and you most likely do not have the time to waste.

Can I spray Colorine?

Theoretically it will work, but it is not a safe practice. We say NO!

Can I use Colorine on Plexi?

Yes you can. Be sure to use the Colorine Thinner to change the viscosity of the Colorine not to lighten the color. Use Colorine Clear to lighten the color.

Are the Colorine colors matched to Roscolux colors? I see the number next them in the catalog.

The Roscolux colors listed next to the Colorine colors are merely a reference. They are not an exact match. This is just to give you an idea of the colors we have.