This remarkable floor requires no compromise on quality. It is a good surface for virtually all dance forms, including tap and Irish dancing as well as jazz and modern. Because it is heavy duty homogeneous vinyl, Arabesque® is ideal for permanent installations.

Arabesque® is available in three attractive marbled colors: Black, Grey and Tan. The marbled finish, besides adding a note of elegance, has the practical advantage of helping to hide scuff marks.


78.7" (2m)


65'-0" (20m)


.078" (2mm)


4.75 lbs. per linear foot
2.2 kg per linear meter
309 lbs. (140.5kg) per roll


Homogeneous calendared PVC



Choose this floor for:

Tap, Irish, Flamenco, Modern, Lyrical or Drill Team


Permanent or Semi-Permanent

Use with:

Adhesive, Double Stick Tape, Heavy Duty Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, Vinyl Tape, Welding Thread

Floor Speed:





Product Numbers

300 58222 79XX

Marble Black 6'-6" (2m) x XX linear foot

300 58222 7900

Marble Black Bolt

300 58235 79XX

Marble Grey 6'-6" (2m) x XX linear foot

300 58235 7900

Marble Grey Bolt

300 58218 79XX

Marble Tan 6'-6" (2m) x XX linear foot

300 58218 7900

Marble Tan Bolt


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