Grey, white and black studio tiles

Rosco Studio Tiles

Rosco Studio Tiles were originally designed as rugged, hard wearing floors for video production facilities and television studios. They lay flat for temporary, as well as permanent studio installations and can stand up to camera dollies. Studio Tiles are available in Black, Grey and White and provide a very fast floor speed.


3'-0" (.914m)


3'-0" (.914m)


1/8" (3mm)


12 lbs. (5.44 kg/tile)


Homogeneous PVC


Choose this floor for:

Tap, Irish, TV Studios or Production Facilities


Temporary or Permanent

Use with:

All Purpose Cleaner, Adhesive and Heavy Duty Cleaner

Floor Speed:

Very Fast


LEEDS Credit 2 Imported
50% Pre-consumer recycled


Product Numbers

300 08422 3636


3'-0" x 3'-0" (.914m x .914m)

300 08435 3636


3'-0" x 3'-0" (.914m x .914m)

300 08415 3636


3'-0" x 3'-0" (.914m x .914m)

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