Fog and Haze Fluids

Rosco’s award-winning fluids for creating atmospheric fog and haze effects

Safe, Academy Award® Winning Water-Based Formulation

The citation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reads: " Rosco Laboratories for the development of an improved non-toxic fluid for creating fog and smoke for motion picture production."

Developed almost 40 years ago, Rosco Fog Fluid was created as an alternative to the volatile, and potentially hazardous, petroleum based fluids used on set. The development of Rosco’s water-based fog fluid formulation made for safer working conditions for both technicians and talent on set.

Fog When You Need It – Gone When You Don’t

Stage and Studio Fog Fluid is perfect for any special effects technician looking to create an atmospheric effect that disappears quickly. It was originally developed for Hollywood soundstages and photographic studios that needed a thick opaque fog in one shot, and then needed the fog to clear out quickly for the next shot.

When combined with a chiller unit, Stage and Studio can be used to create a realistic low-lying fog effect. Once fog is chilled, it becomes denser than the warmer air around it – causing the fog to stay low. Normal, long-lasting fog fluids will rise as the fog warms. Stage and Studio dissipates before it warms and climbs up into the air.

All the haze you love – without the harmful residue

Finally a long-lasting, water-based haze that spreads evenly and looks great! Special effects technicians have long-struggled to find a water-based haze they could use instead of the original oil-based alternatives. Their solution is Rosco’s V-Hazer Fluid.

Designed for use with Rosco's V-Hazer, this water-based fluid creates a smooth haze inside performance venues, photographic studios and production soundstages. Plus, due to its water-based composition, V-Hazer Fluid won't leave behind an oily residue on performers, set pieces or expensive equipment. When used with the Rosco V-Hazer, this fluid will create a steady, reliable haze that will hang in the air for hours to enhance lighting effects.