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Backdrops & Digital Library

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Rosco Digital Imaging provides rental and custom backdrops & images for film and television. Our backdrops were honored with an Academy Technical Achievement Award® and an Engineering Emmy®.

The Challenge

In order to to create the illusion of being on the streets of New York City for a parodied "Fame-style" dance sequence, the filmmakers for "Dance Flick" needed to fill in one of the gaps of Paramount's backlot so that the rest of the Paramount lot and the palm trees of Hollywood would be blocked out and appear as a NYC street.

Rosco Solution

The buildings on Paramount's backlot feature a forced perspective. Rosco Digital's graphic designers digitally manipulated photos taken in downtown LA so that the buildings in the backdrop not only matched the backlot's New York architectural style, they would also integrate into the forced perspective featured in the other buildings in the shot.

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Riggers constructed a large truss framework, and attached the 60' x 60' Rosco backdrop. The perspective perfectly matched the existing structures, making the illusion of a long New York City street complete.