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Case Study: Scenic Art Students Transform Panto Cloths with Rosco Supersat Paints

Case Study: Spotlighting Key Moments On Stage Using Rosco’s I-Cue & DMX Iris

Case Study: OPTI-SCULPT Lenses Provide Flexible Lighting Solutions For BBC News Studio

Supersat Roscopaint – All Colors – GHS SDS

Case Study: Choosing the Perfect Background: A Guide to SoftDrop®, Chroma Key & the RDX LAB System

Case Study: A Norwegian Town Tells Its Story With “Picture Poem” Gobo Projections

DMG MAXI Data Sheet

DMG SL1 Data Sheet

DMG MINI Data Sheet

Case Study: X-Effects® Projectors Shed Light On Ocean Conservation Inside The Blue Paradox

Case Study: Avant-Garde Photography With Lindsay Adler & Rosco Gobos

Case Study: Al Hadath Elevates Their New Broadcast Studio With Rosco LED Technology

Case Study: Creating Realistic Themed Scenery & Props Using Rosco Supersat Paints

X-Effects® LED HO Projector - SAT File

X-Effects® LED HO Projector - DWG File