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Where To Buy/Rent DMG Lighting

Case Study: Adaptive Halloween Costumes For Children With Disabilities

Case Study: An Ode To Paynes Grey – A Scenic Artist’s Love For Off Broadway Paint

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Case Study: Master Light Shaping With Gaffer John Roche and Rosco OPTI-SCULPT

How To Set Up A Chroma Key Studio With The Rosco Chroma System

Rosco Duètte Spec Sheet

Case Study: Creating An Underwater HOME For Phoebe The Flamingo at Tampa Airport

Case Study: How to Set Up A Chroma Key Studio With Rosco’s Chroma Key System

Case Study: Improve The Performance Of Your IR Camera With Rosco’s IR Pass Filter

P7200 IR Pass Data Sheet

Butterfly Egg Crate Video

Case Study: DMG DASH Octa Kit - What Can You Create With Eight?

Case Study: Customized e-colour+ Filters Create A Giant Swatchbook In The Sky