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Luminair Profiles for v2.0

HOG Profiles 2.0

Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Firmware 2.1 Upgrade Utility

Case Study: Shooting With DMG DASH™: Four Lighting Tips From Gaffer Francisco Izaguirre


Case Study: Transforming An Arena Into A Rooftop Basketball Court With Rental Backdrops

Case Study: An Auditorium Design With Shape And Purpose

Case Study: Creating A Horror Look On An Indie Budget With DMG Lights

Lens Cleaner - EU SDS

Case Study: How A Fog Machine Works

Case Study: How Cinematographer Ed Wu Created “Hot Moonlight” For End Of The Road

Case Study: Bringing Faded “Ghost Signs” Back Into The Spotlight

Case Study: A New Tool For Comparing Diffusion Materials

Case Study: Rosco Effects® Create An Elemental Water Effect For Hakkasan