Supersaturated Roscopaint FAQ's

What is Supersaturated made of?

Rosco Supersaturated is made of a vinyl acrylic resin, finely ground artist pigment and water.

Why is Supersaturated only sold in quarts?

Rosco Supersaturated is a very concentrated paint pigment. We recommend thinning at least 1:1 before use. Supersaturated may be thinned as much as 50:1 with water. However the binder strength will be compromised the more concentrated paint is thinned so it may be necessary to thin with water and Clear Acrylic Glaze in Flat or Gloss to retain binder strength. For this reason Supersaturated is very economical.

What can I use Supersaturated on?

Almost everything. Because of its superior binder strength, Supersaturated is an excellent choice when painting hard-to-paint surfaces, including vinyl dance floor and rear projection screen.

Does Supersaturated contain dye?

No. Supersaturates gets its intense color from a heavy load of finely ground artists pigments.

Can I use Supersaturated as a colorant?

Yes. Because Supersaturated is so concentrated it makes an excellent colorant. It can be used in conjunction with any other Rosco Scenic Paint or Coating including Tough Prime, Foamcoat, Flexbond and CrystalGel.

Can I paint translucent drops with Supersaturated?

Yes. Because Supersaturated can be let down with large quantities of water it can be used when painting translucencies. It acts much like dye in this application.

Can I use Supersaturated that has frozen and thawed?

Maybe. Allow the paint to thaw slowly, coming up to room temperature. If the paint has a normal consistency, with no lumps or curdles, it is fine. If it has "curdled" it has been ruined and should not be used.

What is the shelf life of Supersaturated Paint?

Minimum shelf life for unopened, sealed paint is approximately 24 months when stored in a temperature controlled location.