Rosco Scenic Set - Clear Layers

Scenic Product Kit For Practice & Experimentation

This kit of Rosco Scenic Products is designed for painters and students to explore different layering techniques for creating glazes and washes. The Clear Layers Set includes one 6 oz. jar of Clear Acrylic Glaze - Flat, Clear Acrylic Glaze - Gloss, FlexBond and CrystalGel. Scenic artists and scenic paint students can experiment with combining these materials with Rosco Scenic Paints to create a variety of scenic treatments, such as stained glass effects, and a variety of faux finish effects like wood grain and marble.

Product Number
150053008KIT     Rosco Scenic Set – Clear Layers  

What’s included in the set - 
One 6 oz. jar of the following Rosco Scenic Products:

  • #5580 Clear Acrylic Glaze - Gloss
  • #5581 Clear Acrylic Glaze - Flat
  • #7400 CrystalGel
  • #7500 FlexBond


If you’d like to learn more about the individual products in this Scenic Set – including product specifications, application/dilution suggestions and available sizes – please visit their respective product pages:

Clear Acrylic Glazes



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Clear Gloss Acrylic Glaze - GHS SDS

Clear Gloss Acrylic Glaze - SDS

Clear Flat Acrylic Glaze - GHS SDS

Clear Flat Acrylic Glaze - SDS

CrystalGel - GHS SDS

CrystalGel - SDS

FlexBond - GHS SDS

FlexBond - SDS