Powered By Rosco’s Patented MIX® Technology

Filmmakers no longer need to sacrifice F-stops for color-mixing technology. The DMG MAXI is a lightweight, ultra-bright soft light that provides superior, full-spectrum color rendering for set lighting. The fixture features a powerful array of emitters that can produce virtually any color desired, and white light that looks fantastic on skin tones.

Multiple DMG MAXI units can be assembled together using the LINK 2 and LINK 4 accessories to create larger/brighter light sources. A Double Yoke Accessory and a Triple Yoke Accessory are also available to combine two or three MAXI lights together.

Note: This fixture requires a power supply to operate – sold separately.

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MIX® Technology

Rosco’s patented MIX technology features six LEDs: Red + Lime + Green + Blue + Amber + White. This proprietary blend of emitters enables DMG MAXI fixtures to produce a wider gamut of colors than comparable RGBW/RGBA fixtures. The red, lime, and amber LEDs have also been phosphor-converted. This process not only fills in the spectral gaps found in other color mixing lights, it also optimizes the fixture’s output to better match the sensors of digital cameras.

Enhanced Skin Tones

Rosco’s MIX technology enables DMG fixtures to generate a full-spectrum white light with a 1700K – 10,000K color temperature range. When lighting talent with a DMG MAXI, filmmakers will notice enhanced skin tone reflectance because the unique, phosphor-converted MIX® LEDs produce more of the wavelengths found in all human skin tones.

True Rosco Color™

The wider color gamut created by Rosco’s MIX technology also enables the DMG MAXI to create over 130 True Rosco Color™ gel matches. These colors have been verified – by eye, by meter, and by camera – to match traditional tungsten and daylight sources with Rosco gels on them.

Multiple Control Options

Set lighting technicians know that speed is of the essence when the cameras are rolling. There are no complicated menus on the DMG MAXI. Simply choose between five different modes: White Mode, Color Mode, Gel Mode, Effects Mode and Source Match Mode – then adjust the settings of the light as needed. All of these features are available using the fixture’s Driver accessory (sold separately) or via the free myMIX app from a mobile device. The DMG MAXI is also RDM compatible and can be controlled via wired DMX, wireless DMX using CRMX from LumenRadio, and ArtNet.

What’s In The Box:

  • DMG MAXI fixture
  • Flat Dome Diffuser Panel

Note: This fixture requires a power supply to operate – sold separately.


Lux @ 1 meter (3.3 ft.):
(Without diffuser)

7377 @ 3200K / 7550 @ 5600K

Lux @ 3 meter (10 ft.):
(Without diffuser)

1034 @ 3200K / 1045 @ 5600K

Fixture Input Voltage:

100-240 VAC

Battery Voltage:

24-35 VDC

Maximum Power:


LED Colors:

Red*, Green, Blue, Lime*, Amber*, White (4000K) * Denotes phosphor-converted LEDs that are unique to Rosco.

Light Modes:

WHITE / GEL (with True Rosco Color Gel Matches) / COLOR – HSI & XY (With Rec 709 & Rec 2020 overlays) / EFFECTS / SOURCE MATCH

Color Temperature Range:

1700K – 10,000K


Up to 4,000 FPS

Control Protocols:

Via Bluetooth using the myMIX app
RDM enabled DMX 512 via 5-pin XLR
Wireless via LumenRadio CRMX Timo FX transceiver
ArtNet via LAN (RJ45) and WiFi (2.4 & 5.8GHz)


47″ x 14″ x 3.3″ (120cm x 36cm x 8.5cm)


17.6 lbs (8 kg)

Body Material:


Circuit Board Material:


Product Number

29822400A360 DMG MAXI

DMG MAXI Data Sheet

DMG MAXI User Manual

myMIX® for iOS

myMIX® for Android


Firmware 2.1 Upgrade Utility


DMG DMX Profiles - HOG 4 OSV3

DMG DMX Profiles - HOG 4 OSV4

DMG MAXI Luminair Profiles V2

DMG DMX Profiles (Excel)

DMG DMX Profiles (PDF)

DMG DMX Profiles - ETC

DMG DMX Profiles - GrandMA

DMG MAXI CE Declaration

DMG Warranty

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